Problem: Cydia not showing up/Stuck at 2/3

  1. ssh into your device
  2. run uicache and killall SpringBoard.
  3. (Stuck at 2/3 only) Re-jailbreak

Problem: Tweaks installed but not showing in Settings

Method 1 (via Filza)

  1. Get FilzaEscaped on your device.
  2. Rename the /Library/TweakInject folder to something else.
  3. Create a symbolic link of /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries and rename the link TweakInject.
  4. Respring your device by running killall SpringBoard.

Method 2 (via SSH)

  1. ssh into your device

  2. run the following

mv /Library/TweakInject /Library/TweakInject.backup && ln -s /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries /Library/TweakInject

Problem: Can’t connect to the Internet

  1. ssh into your device
  2. cd /var/preferences
  3. mv && mv && mv

Problem: “dpkg: locked

Method 1

  1. Download, and put it in your ~/Downloads folder, for example
  2. unzip
  3. scp -r root@<device-ip-address>:/var/mobile/Media/Books/.
  4. ssh into your device and run reboot.

Method 2 (via delectra)

  1. Download from GitHub or here.
  2. scp root@<device-ip-address>:/electra/
  3. ssh into device
  4. sh /electra/ and reboot the device one more time after it automatically reboots.
  5. Re-jailbreak

Problem: Accidentally “Erase All”

  1. Download, and
  2. Unzip and use Cydia Impactor to install MobileTerminal.ipa onto your device.
  3. Use iFunbox to transfer and into /var/mobile/Media/Books/.
  4. ssh into your device or open MobileTerminal
    1. cd /var/mobile/Media/Books && unzip && unzip
    2. mv lib /var
    3. dpkg -i /var/mobile/Media/Books/*.deb
    4. reboot
  • Liberty Lite from
  • NewTerm2 from
  • Filza File Manager
  • iCleaner Pro
  • EasySwitcherX
  • FastUnlockX
  • HideBarX
  • NoMoreSmallApps
  • NoSubstitute (Electra) – for disabling jailbreak in apps like Snapchat
  • RealCC – to actually turn off WiFi, Bluetooth etc. in the Control Center
  • ScramblePass –  scrambles keypad positions
  • Bazzi – The ultimate battery icon customizer tweak
  • DoubleTapLock – almost essential
  • SmartLPM – smart Low Power Mode

Some Fun Stuff with Terminal

  • To get a list of IDs of the installed packages: use
    • dpkg --get-selections,
    • dpkg -l | cut -d ' ' -f 3
    • dpkg -l | grep -v '^rc\|gsc\|cy+' | cut -d ' ' -f 3
    • dpkg --get-selections | awk '{print $1}'|grep -v gsc|grep -v "^cy+"

Other Good Resources

  • List of good tweaks compatible with iOS 11.3.1 here.

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